In Alphabetical order:


Arizona Money

After stealing from the mob, Mitch and Jen, a dysfunctional middle age couple, have no choice but to enact their plans, to retire to Arizona, early.


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Short documentary on the issues a mixed raced family faces inside the home in modern day America.



Blood on the Lilacs

After noticing signs of domestic abuse occurring across the street, a next door neighbor named Ellen decides to take action into her own hands. 


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Hear me

A young father runs through the night to get medication for his sick mother, and if he fails she could die.




a visual poetry about women empowerment and what it is "being a women" in this society.


One Fourth Gone

One Fourth Gone is an original musical about a young man with OCD who uses the power of music to cope with his anxiety caused by his absent father's return.



Pink Jacket

When Tommy, 10, starts to wear a girl’s pink jacket it reveals the true colors of everyone around him.


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After his friend is savagely soaked by some local water gun punks. A.j, the jungle gym rebel, must take up his super soaker arms and drench his new enemies.



We need to talk

Jay wakes up to what appears to be a perfect day. That is, until he checks his messages...