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New students are not required to live in CCH housing but we do recommend CCH housing as a starting point for Freshman students new to California.  Student housing serves as a gateway to success for students as they enter CCH and advance through their educational careers. Students have the option of living in a dorm-style campus environment (Meridian Pointe) or in an apartment-style residential environment (Oakwood). 


Getting around LA

Welcome to LA, here are some good resources for new comers to the area!  

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Student Housing

New students are not required to live in CCH housing but we do recommend CCH housing as a starting point for Freshman students new to California.  Student housing serves as a gateway to success for students as they enter CCH and advance through their educational careers. Students have the option of living in a dorm-style campus environment (Meridian Pointe) or in an apartment-style residential environment (Oakwood). While we try to accommodate each student’s first housing choice, due to the limited number of units available at each property, we are not always able to do so.  Your application will be processed and a housing contract for your first academic year (9 months) will be sent via email that requires a parent/guardian to co-sign.  You may also be required to pay your first month’s rent prior to move.

Once we receive your housing application, we will contact you to discuss your housing selections and our current availability. Students should apply for housing only after they have been accepted for admission. There are a limited number of rooms available at each housing community and all housing charges are billed to your CCH student account. All rooms are fully furnished.

Oakwood is a residential housing community located 5 miles from CCH and in close proximity to multiple business centers, a wide variety of shopping choices, and an abundance of dining options. Amenities include a business center, fitness center, swimming pool and spa. Shuttle service to the CCH campus before and after class is provided free of charge.

Meridian Pointe Dorms is located across the street from the campus of California State University Northridge (CSUN), a university community of nearly 34,000 students on a 356-acre campus located 5 miles from CCH. Amenities include a fitness center, swimming pool with jacuzzi, study rooms, game room and screening room.

The following items are included in the monthly rental cost at all housing communities:

  • All Utilities Included
  • Free Gated Parking
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Tennis and Basketball Courts (Oakwood only)
  • Game Room with Large Screen TV (Meridian Pointe only)
  • Pool, Jacuzzi and BBQ Areas
  • Air Conditioning and Heat Included
  • Free Wireless Internet (Oakwood only)

Oakwood (Located 5 miles from the CCH campus, Complimentary Shuttle Service available).  Click here for Housing Rates.

Meridian Pointe (Located 5 miles from the CCH campus, Shuttle Service not offered).  Click here for Housing Rates.

Housing Tours

Housing tours must be arranged in advance with both the college and the individual property managers. Columbia College can therefore usually arrange housing tours for interested students on the first Friday of each month [excluding holidays and college closures].

Our upcoming Housing Tour Dates are:

  • Friday October 7th
  • Friday November 4th

Please contact your Admissions Counselor in advance if you would like to arrange a housing tour. Housing tours take approximately 4 hours to complete.

Housing Application

To apply for CCH sponsored housing, you must complete a housing application and submit it to the CCH Housing office. You can apply online or you can fill out a paper application and submit your application to us by mail or fax.  All students who apply for CCH housing are required to pay a $40.00 non-refundable application fee and a $450.00 refundable security deposit with their housing application, for a total upfront fee of $490.00.  The security deposit is returned to the student once the student moves out, less any charges for cleaning and repairs. Please note that the security deposit is NOT refundable in the event a room is held for a student and later the student decides not to attend CCH or decides to secure their own housing.

Non-CCH Housing

For students who desire to arrange their own housing, the Columbia College Hollywood campus is located in a heavily populated residential area and apartment options are abundant. Rental rates vary depending on the type of unit desired and number of roommates. If you wish to obtain your own housing, we have arranged for a free apartment search through our affiliation with both and Zillow. If you need any additional assistance with housing, please feel free to contact us.


Winter 2017 Housing Rate Sheet
New Student Housing Application (Apply Online)
New Student Housing Application (Download and Mail or Fax)
Returning Student Housing Application
Housing “What To Bring” Checklist
Fall 2016 Shuttle Schedule

Contact Us

Kathie Sotiropoulos
Associate Manager, Tuition and Housing Services
(818) 401-1284
(818) 345-8153 (fax)


Arranging Your Own Housing

Housing: What to Bring

CCH Student Housing

Area Info & New Student Tips

Housing Rate Sheet

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Getting Around LA

Getting Around LA

Welcome to the CCH Family of Filmmakers!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Columbia College Hollywood! We are so excited to have you attend our school this Winter. In this acceptance packet, you will find all the necessary information to get your enrollment started: 

  • Enrollment Forms
  • Financial Aid Info
  • Housing Info & Forms
  • Orientation Information
  • Area Info and new student tips
  • Health Insurance Information

Please take a few moments to review this campus and area overview to get helpful tips and information that will ensure your transition from home to school goes smoothly. 

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Traveling to Los Angeles

By Bus – Greyhound has a terminal in San Fernando as well as Downtown LA. - 

Whether you are flying into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) or Bob International Airport (Burbank), there are many ways to get to the San Fernando Valley.

LAX – 30 miles from the CCH campus, LAX is the most used transportation hub in the area. While you can Uber or Lyft, there are also a number of taxi, shuttle and bus services that have steady runs into the valley. The most popular shuttle services are:

BURBANK – 15 miles from CCH, this smaller and centralized airport handles both international and domestic flights.

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Getting Around Los Angeles

If you haven’t been to the LA Area, you will need a crash course in the highway and freeway systems. There are two sites you can check out to familiarize yourself: 

Having a car is not mandatory when attending CCH; but because Los Angeles covers a lot of land, having a car is an advantage. If you are bringing a vehicle with you, there are a few things to consider: 

Auto Insurance – Be sure to ask your insurance agent to make sure you are covered while attending school in California and how the rates translate from your home state. Make sure they are aware that you are attending school out of state and what options you have to remain covered. 

Drivers License and Vehicle Registration – If your vehicle is registered to your parents while you are attending school, you will not have your vehicle registered in California unless the legal owner moves to the state. If you are the title owner or plan on getting a vehicle while attending school, the state of California requires you to obtain and California State Driver’s License and that you register the vehicle within 30 days of your official arrival. 

California Identification for US and International Students – Because cashing out-of-state checks and proving identity can be difficult when you have an out of state license, you may want to get a California ID card. You will also have a Student ID card from CCH to use to verify identity and will prove useful for secondary verifications and any student discounts that various businesses offer. 

International Students should make an appointment with the DMV with a copy of their I-20, acceptance letter and passport to get their ID card. 

To access more information, find a DMV office location or make an appointment visit:

Public Transit

While Los Angeles is vast, the public transit system is constantly being improved and updated. Because of the growing need for alternative transportation, LA has taken great steps to creating their Metro system. Below are a list of sites you can access to view the options by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). – For options, pricing and schedules – Metrolink trains are an efficient way to commute to and from far distances. - Get a comprehensive list of maps and schedules for the bus system. 

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Making Financial Arrangements

Before you leave home, it is a good idea to make arrangements with your banking institutions to make sure that they are aware 

that you will be attending college out of state/town. Make sure that they have your new California address ensure that you receive any bank statements and vital correspondence. Utilize your bank’s online banking programs to manage your account. If your bank is regional and doesn’t have branches nationally, you may want to open a checking account at a bank like Chase or US Bank so that you have more mobility while in school and to help you establish credit and identification in the state of California. 

Health Services

In your Acceptance Packet, you will find a document that lists the different health insurance plans available as well as the Immunization Recommendations for California Colleges & Universities with student housing form the California Department of Public Health. Take some time to explore what options you have available. If you are on your parent’s health plan, you will want to make sure what your coverage options you will have when going to school out of state. 

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Student Housing

Utilize the student housing insert in the Acceptance Packet to see what housing options are available to you both through CCH and if you are seeking housing on your own. 

Hotel Information

It is a good idea to know where local lodging and temporary housing is at if you have visiting family and relatives or if you have not secured your permanent housing yet 

You can view nearby hotels & temp housing by using the following sites and searching with the zip code of 91356: 

Commerce Near Campus


While CCH doesn’t have an onsite commissary for students to dine, we are fortunate enough to have excellent food options just a few minutes walk from our campus. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the area on Yelp, to see what eateries nearby. There are also a number of grocery and convenience stores located within a 5 mile radius of the campus for any shopping need. 


As well as having several food options, there are also big box stores in the vicinity to aid with your school and living supply needs. There are 2 large shopping malls 4 & 5 miles from campus (Woodland Hills & Northridge) as well as various Targets, Walmarts, Office supply chain stores, art supplies and much more!