Production Companies


Production Companies


These are production companies created by Columbia College Hollywood students and alumni that now offer their services to you for your consideration.

Alliance: A New Era

"We don't make movies, we tell stories." We are Alliance, formerly known as Shadow Studios. We are your helping hand on the film industry. We bring your vision to life.

Contact: (786) 389-7936

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Validus Productions
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Validus Productions, LLC is a collective that focuses primarily on producing family-friendly content and promotional videos. The team is currently in production for the family fantasy series "Life as a Mermaid" (see links). Validus also runs a crew and talent network and is flexible regarding project scale and genre.

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Bearded Youth Production

We make comedy videos of all types of media for all types of entertainment outlets.

@BeardedYouthProd / @BeardedYouth

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Team one

Help Team One promote branding companies, they always are in need to have someone in their crew and that could be you!

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Jobs & internships at kabc tv los angeles

KABC-TV is an equal opportunity employer and seeks to provide information about our job opportunities to as many people as possible. KABC TV Los Angeles is showing a whole list of opened positions that are just for you! Come and check out what they have in store!