Student Resources

Here are resources for students & alumni of Columbia College Hollywood.

CCH Employment Search Resource Guide

This document includes links to major production company career pages, job search websites and temp agencies for the entertainment industry.

Crew Resume Template

This resume template is useful if you want to find crew positions such as production assistant, director of photography, G&E and camera department positions.

Job Interview Preparation

Use the five-step method to improve your responses to job interview questions and increase the confidence of your presentation when interviewing for industry gigs.

Employment Training Programs 

Programs that can lead to hiring in the entertainment industry can be found on this document which includes agency training programs.

Diversity Talent Programs

Download this document to see the latest programs designed to promote diversity talent, producers and directors for opportunities at major production companies.

LinkedIN How To

Optimize your LinkedIN page using these proven techniques and learn how to make important industry contacts using the platforms' professional networking interface.

Cover Letter Template "How To" Worksheet

Cover letters can be simple to create. Use this template to create a professional cover letter that you can use when applying to jobs and internships. 

Cold Calling Techniques

Learn how to effectively contact employers and contacts in the industry through proven cold calling methods and learn about more effective alternatives to this technique.

Query Letter Development

Query letters are a proven way to get your scripts noticed by development executives, producers, agents and directors. It is critical you know how to make a formal letter for best results.