New Media

The following new media are the official selections for the Columbia College Hollywood 2016 Film Festival.

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Ken and John: A Web-Series

Written & Directed by Jon Walkup & Kenneth Beckerdite
Actors: Jon Walkup, Kenneth Beckerdite
Special Guests: Richard Eggly, Ry Doon
TRT: 6:00

Logline: The story of two emotionally unavailable friends living in the same apartment.



Jogger (Trailer)

Directed by Jon Walkup
Director of Photography: Cooper Shine
Writers: Bri Klaproth, Jon Walkup
Producers: Richard Eggly, Jon Walkup
Editor: Richard Eggly
Composer: Kenneth Beckerdite
Actors: Johnny Cowan, John Berchtold, Travis Ross, Seye Ogunnaike, Richard Eggly
Actresses: Sarah Young, Bri Klaproth, Nicole Holmes
TRT: 2:37

Logline: This is a fake movie trailer.

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Fou Fou Cosmetics (Commercial)

Directed by Del Capelo
Assistant Director: Francisco Ceron
Director of Photography: Jack Armstrong
Production Design: Jennifer Saffary
Edited by: Nix Lynn Ulrich
Gaffers: Christopher Philip, Alejandro Oh
Grip: Alejandro Zambrano
Starring: Michelle Mueller, Jacob Chattman and Jay Kaler
TRT: 0:30

Logline: Fou Fou Cosmetics commercial that empowers women to be their own beautiful.


ziplash still.png

Ziplash (Parody)

Directed by Chase Wilson
Producer: Sarah Stewart
Writer: Jake Dagg
Director of Photography:  Peter Barbush
TRT: 2:52

Logline: A demanding improve teacher pushes one of his acting students to the brink of sanity as he strives to be one of the greats... at improv. Whiplash parody trailer.

Finger Guns - Blake Raya & Aj Hart

Finger Guns

Written & Directed by Blake Raya & AJ Hart
VFX & Cinematography by: Blake Raya
Assistant Camera: Devin Hansen & Claire Lebigot
Production Sound: Nina Bennett
TRT: 4:08

Logline: Wanna know how to pick up ladies at a pool party? Definitely not this way...

E2 Thumb HQ.jpg

Life as a Mermaid

Directed by Julia Alexa Miller
Produced by Validus Productions, Yale Apter, Julia Alexa Miller
Co Produced by Ryan Brennan, Alexandria Baltazar, Marcella Di Pasquale
Written by Yale Apter, Holden Weihs, Ryan Brennan,  Jeffrey David Thomas
Director of Photography: Chad Narducci
Starring: Taylor Huff, Marcella Di Pasquale, Diego Torres Kuri, Maria Feist, Brie Kristiansen, Garrett Schecher, Cambell Dodson

Logline: While Madison the mermaid continues her adventures in the human world, three unlikely villains plot to capture her to make a fortune.