Narrative Shorts

The following narrative shorts are the official selections for the Columbia College Hollywood 2016 Film Festival.

Decades Apart Official Poster.jpeg

Decades Apart

Written, Produced & Directed by Ryan Brennan
Director of Photography: Chad Narducci
Line Producer: Alex Miller
TRT: 20:00

Logline: Robert Thompson seeks a life of normality, but his attraction to children leads him down a dangerous path.


Crimson Sea

Written and Directed by Joseph Bongiovanni
TRT: 14:50

Logline: An intuitive casting director attempts to pull the emotional truth out of a deranged actor.


Maple's Tree

Written, Produced, Directed & Actor by Rachel Leyco
Co-Producer & Actor: Brendan Caleb Calton
Co-Producer & Actor: Katie Burton
Director of Photography: Chad Narducci
TRT: 19:51

Logline: A terminally-ill teen cancer patient escapes the hospital with her two best friends to seek revenge on an ex-boyfriend, but what she discovers sparks the turning of a new leaf.


A New Dilemma

Written & Directed by Ethan Zimmer
Producer: Jess Lambert
Director of Photography: Matt Stirling
TRT: 13:00

Logline: James is the lead singer of a punk rock band who must choose between what people expect of him and being true to himself. 

Still Frame.jpg

Deceased & Co.

Written, Directed & Produced by Rachel Rambaldi
Executive Producer: Christina Cannarella
Director of Photography: Cooper Shine
Lead Actress: Priscilla Taylor
Lead Actors: Andrew Chlon, Avi Boyko
TRT: 5:18

Logline: What do you get when you have the Great Depression, two witless brothers, one gun and a faithful woman? Deceased & Co.


Live Alone

Written & Directed by Zac Morris
Director of Photography: Olaya Vélez
Assistant Director: Claire Lebigot
Gaffer: Bryce Edward Brown
Actress: Jill Balbraith
TRT: 7:19

Logline: A passionate but lonely social media photographer moves into her own apartment and experiences the psychological horrors of mono-phobia; the fear of being alone.

Nobodys Looking1-1.png

Nobody's Looking

Directed by Jon Walkup & Kenneth Beckerdite
Written by Jon Walkup & Kenneth Beckerdite
Producers: Richard Eggly & Seye Ogunnaike
Editors: Richard Eggly, Kenneth Beckerdite & Jon Walkup
Director of Photography: Chad Narducci
Lead Actor: Ry Doon
Lead Actress: Cheyann Dillon
TRT: 13:00

Logline: In a world where literally nobody can look up from their smartphone, one mane accidentally drops his phone in the toilet.



Directed by Lixe Hernandez
Director of Photography: Josh Anderson
Production Designer: Jenny Nguyen
Editor: Carlos Longoria
VFX Artist: Lingyi Kong
Sound Designer: Xavier Hernandez
Film Composer: Cameron McCloskey
TRT: 11:15

Logline: SINK is a surreal and somewhat psychedelic animated journey following the psychotic breakdown of an abusive drug addict.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 12.36.45 PM.png


Directed & Produced by Tetiana Donets
Line Producer: Andrew Soulis
Director of Photography: Pratham Mehta
Assistant Director: Danielle Watson
1st AC: Matt Lynch
2nd AC: Harsh Ghinaiya
Gaffer: Aaron Maxey
Grip: Tyler Betancourt
PA's: Casey Bailey, Peter Zaragonza
Cast: Crystal Yaskulski, Lise Porter, Kelton Jones
TRT: 4:03

Logline: The personal apocalypse of being away from home and finding out that your country and family are in danger.

Two sheet .jpg


Written, Directed and Edited by Tanner Novotny
Producers: Chad Regan, Del Capelo
Director of Photography: Chad Regan
Story: Jared Mcclarty
TRT: 18:28

Logline: A 23 year old poet gains popularity throughout Los Angeles for his quirky technique and style. Followed by a documentary film crew, we venture into the life of Apollo, days before his biggest show yet.



Written & Directed by Peter Zaragoza & Jeremie Porcin
Producer: Andrew Soulis
Director of Photography: Pratham Metha
TRT: 11:10

Logline: Two stranded American soldiers decide the fate German captor.



Written and Directed by Sara Margrét
Producer: Poleena Koksharova
Director of Photography: Jorge Bustamente
TRT: 5:05

Logline: A man argues with his older personality.

detective grant poster-2.jpg

Detective Grant

Written, Directed, Produced, Director of Photography and Edited by Pratham Mehta
Starring: Crash Buist, Jason Wade, Cambel Dodson, Richard Eggly
TRT: 9:46

Logline: A part time teacher who is also a wannabe detective gets hired by a wealthy man to find his missing kid.



Written, Directed & Edited by Ruben Pallan
Producers: Steven Biton, Ethan Bergeron
Director of Photography: Athit Naik
Production Designer: Janel Petch
Composer: Milo Coello
Assistant Director: Kyle Steiner
Camera Operator: Chad Narducci
1st AC: Travis Fahy
2nd AC: Alex Miller
Production Assistant: Jason Lee
Still Photography: Garret Schecher
TRT: 20:00

Logline: An inspiring singer, Adam, tries to come up with a song that can showcase his talents, unknowing that it will show more of him than expected.

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 1.38.34 PM.png

Fall of Man

Directed by Christopher Oh
Written by: Ian Stelle
Director of Photography: Dominick Czaczyk
TRT: 9:49

Logline: After the North Korean attack on the Eastern Coast of the United States, four teenagers take shelter in an abandoned building.

Great Responsibilty Still.jpg

Great Responsibility

Written & Directed by AJ Hart
Producer, VFX & Cinematography by: Blake Raya
Production Sound: Nina Bennett
TRT: 25:17

Logline: Welcome to Later Taylor's new Youtube Channel! To start things off with a quality launch, Taylor wants to read some fan mail from his loving audience. Unfortunately for hi, things start to heat up in his life!



Written & Directed by Jeremy Nielsen
Produced: Becky Clark
Director of Photography: Joshua Campbell
TRT: 16:04

Logline: Peter, a drug lord in Los Angeles, must wield his power in the crime world while balancing his love/hate relationship with rival drug lord, James.


Pause Frame.png


Directed by: Sara Margrét
Producer: Poleena Koksharova
TRT: 13:52

Logline: A boy finds out he's adopted and his real mother has been missing for 16 years.

Ripples on the Water - Poster.jpg

Ripples on the Water

Written, Directed & Produced by Alexander Falcon
Director of Photography: Noble Gray
Cast: Ruty Rutenberg, Paulina Michales, Marlon Aquino, Dylan Taylor, Camila Banus
TRT: 13:59

Logline: After losing his wife and contemplating suicide, Leo has a life-changing encounter with a young man who tries to rob him.


Straight Coyle

Written & Directed by Keaton Landis
Producer: Richard Eggly
Director of Photography: Josh Campbell
Editor: Richard Eggly
Cast: Jacob Beitter, J.C. Rincon, Richard Eggly, Molly Wiggins
TRT: 20:00

Logline: It's Lu Coyle's first night as a driver for the Shaken Escort Service. He's got one job, get the girl to the client and back into one piece. But an asexual client with a taste for "silly powder", a mysterious stranger and supernatural encounter are hell bent on screwing up his night... and his psyche.

movie poster 2 copy.jpg

The Looking Glass

Written & Directed by Laureyn Eisenstein
Executive Produced by: Lauryn Eisenstein
Producers: Sara Wohlfarth
Director of Photography: Chris Palma
Editor: Johnathan Lockhart Jr.
Sound Mixer: Karizma Hancox
Boom Operator: Michael Robustelli
Cast: Sarafina Thiboult, Salman Shiekh, Sara Wohlfarth, Karizma Hancox
TRT: 3:12

Logline: Sara is traumatized from her past, and finds herself trapped in a room of mirrors to reflect, not realizing it's only a psychological mind game in a deep sleep.

Whack the Folly

Whack the Folly

Written & Directed by Jeremie Porcin & Peter Zaragoza
Producer: Marquese Robinson
Director of Photography: Pratham Metha
Production Designer: Jeremie Porcin
Cast: Crash Buist, Brandon Nill, Jason Wade, Annalea Fiachi, Cescar Santamaria, Byron Reo, Will Gumm, Gabriel Caleca
TRT: 21:18

Logline: An offbeat lawyer must overcome his over-indulgent behavior in order to repay a shady businessman know as "The Shark".