Music Videos

The following music videos are the official selections for the Columbia College Hollywood 2016 Film Festival.

Neaky Boots frame.png

Sneaky Boots (by Kiriyama Family)

Directed & Written by Sara Margaret

TRT: 3:20

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Written & Directed by Sherouk Hasan
Producer: Sarah Stewart
Director of Photography: Josh Anderson
Production Designer: Madison Price
Makeup Artist: Jennifer Balestracci
TRT: 3:28

Logline: A covert voodoo queen casts a spell on her controlling husband, who wakes up being held captive at a tribal ceremony where he is set to trial for his poor treatment of his exalted wife.

KARMA (2).png


Directed by Jeff Reyes
Producer: Jacov Bresler
Editor: Winston Moore
TRT: 3:43

Logline: Karma's a bitch.


Childish Gambino - Music Video

Childish Gambino

Directed by Seye Ogunnaike
Producer: Samuel Chavles
Director of Photography: Chad Narducci
Lead Actor: Xavier Hammond
TRT: 3:17

Logline: When a young man who is well known to upload fights and other violent incidents onto the internet becomes part of a violent incident himself, his life gets flipped upside down.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 12.04.10 AM.png

Misdom - Still the Same

Directed by Alex "Alexander the Titan" Henderson
Producer: De'Andre Cooley
Editor: De'Andre Cooley
Artist: Misdom
Model/Actor: Jolyne Lowery & Madeline Monet
TRT: 3:11

Logline: The woman in his life may have changed but Misdom's love for his Bonne remains the same, and she's here to get her Clyde back.


Light in the Shadow

Produced & Directed by Lixie Hernandez
Director of Photography: Jesse Carlson
Editor: Luke A. Springer
Choreographer/Dancer: Riyrah Snow

Logline: Light in the Shadow is a beautiful black and white dance piece celebrating the combination of cinematographic camera movement and its relation to lighting.