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On his way to avenge his brothers death, David's Sister in Law makes one final attempt to keep the peace.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 5 minutes

Director: Alejandro Zambrano

Writer: Ricardo Mendoza

Key Cast “David”: Havon Baraka

Key Cast “Elaina”:Chelsea Henak

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 1.41.36 PM.png


Short documentary on the issues a mixed raced family faces inside the home in modern day America.

Film Type: Documentary

Runtime: 9 minutes 59 seconds

Director: Aneesah Dowd

Producer: Aneesah Dowd

Editor: Aidan Phillips

Director of Photography: Aaron Glaesor


Commitment Issues

Josh's positive outlook on love turns cold after many girls' father issues ruin their relationships

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 7 minutes 8 seconds

Director: Justin Fowler

Writer: Justin Fowler

Producer: Justin Fowler

Producer: Hope Butler

Key Cast“Josh”: Joe Drea

Key Cast: Christine Anatone

Key Cast: Sara Drust

Key Cast: Brittany Wolf

Key Cast: Conner Floyd



A young policer officer with a dark past finds himself at the center of Chinatown’s underworld and must employ all of his skills as a student of Wushu to survive.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 19 minutes

Director: Donald Lawrence Flaherty

Writer: Donald Lawrence Flaherty

Producer: Autumn Collins

Producer: Morgan Benoit

Producer: Donald Lawrence Flaherty

Key Cast “Viktor Mikhailov”:

Bill Oberst Jr.

Key Cast “Mr. Chong”: James Lew

Key Cast “Frank Dolce”: Morgan Benoit

Key Cast“James Li”: Bin Jian Zhu


En Prise

A man agrees to do one last job to provide for his family. He is hired to kidnap a politician but soon finds out the reason for his employment is much more sinister than he expected.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 18 minutes 24 seconds

Director: Isaac Ipsen

Writer: Isaac Ipsen

Producer: Prakriti Adhikary

Key Cast “Joseph”: Joseph Bongiovanni

Key Cast “Anne Clay”: Kym Wilson

Cover Still 2_1.82.1.jpg

Hear Me

A young father runs through the night to get medication for his sick mother, and if he fails she could die.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 15 minutes 5 seconds

Director: Arlenys Collado

Writer: Adrian Brown

Writer: Hailey Cano

Producer: Jessica Ramos

Key Cast “Moses”: Alex Borbon

Key Cast “Grandmother”: Lizatte Romo

Key Cast “Sophia”: Jordan Lemnah

Key Cast “Pharmacist ”: Dillon Demaster

Key Cast “Luis”: Omar Avila

Key Cast “Officer”: Jason G. Mercado

Lost Love Still.jpg

Lost Love

A emotionally worn down man tries to live his life as normally as possible, but in order to move on, he must leave his past behind.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 4 minutes 35 seconds

Director: Bridgette Olsen

Writer: Nina Bennet

Producer: Bridgette Olsen

Key Cast “James Michael”: Paul Dixon

Key Cast “Marie Michael”: Lauren Schoepfer


Pink Jacket

When Tommy, 10, starts to wear a girl’s pink jacket it reveals the true colors of everyone around him.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 11 minutes 1 second

Director: Justin Fowler

Writer: Justin Fowler

Producer: Blake Spears

Producer: Laura Leal

Producer: Danny Abomoustafa

Key Cast “Tommy”: Parker Bates

Key Cast “Mark”: Dan Gjeldum

Key Cast “Logan”: Prestyn Bates

Key Cast “Liz”: Lauren Palazzolo

image1 (1).jpeg


Two hot shot wannabes go to an unground gambling club to try and pay off their debt.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 10 minutes

Director: Anthony Bates

Writer: Anthony Bates

Producer: Anthony Bates

Key Cast “Romeo”: Antony Bates

Key Cast “Lee”: Zach Grossman

Key Cast “Alonzo”: Havon Baraka




Arizona Money

After stealing from the mob, Mitch and Jen, a dysfunctional middle age couple, have no choice but to enact their plans, to retire to Arizona, early.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 10 minutes 40 seconds

Director: Matthew Lynch

Writer: Matthew Lynch

Producer: Emily Lawrie

Producer: Andrew Soulis

Producer: Matthew Lynch

Key Cast “Jen”: Julie Janney

Key Cast “Mitch”: Eric Harrison

Key Cast “Hairstylist”: Cheyann Dillon

Key Cast “Vick”: Eric Strong

Key Cast “Angry Boss”: Andy Chlon


Blue Ford Ranger

Chaos ensues when two writers complete their story but disagree over a minor detail.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 7 minutes 52 seconds

Director: James Abroms

Writer: James Abroms

Producer: Ed Abroms

Key Cast “Kent”: Evan Engel

Key Cast “Andrew”: Tyler Angier



An annoyed young man is sent into a black and white dimension for saying he doesn’t like black and white movies. He has to ask his friend for help in order for him to be set free 

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 6 minutes 19 seconds

Director: Guy Stephens Celin

Writer: Guy Stephens Celin

Producer: Guy Stephens Celin

Key Cast “Levi”: Brandon Quilos

Key Cast “Josh”: Darian Greene

Dating Sucks - thumbnail.png

Dating Sucks

Roy, further exploring his sexuality, finds himself on two dates in just one day. Same restaurant, same table, different times.

Film Type: Web / New Media

Runtime: 5 minutes 49 seconds

Director: Del Capelo

Writer: David Legel

Producer: David Legel

Key Cast “Roy”: Andy Aguila

Key Cast “Gene”: Andrea Vicunia

Key Cast “Tom”: Emerson Niemcheck

Desert Blues.JPG

Desert Blues

In the height of The Great Depression two cannibalistic hicks have a guest for dinner.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 3 minutes 17 seconds

Director: Jose Muro

Writer: Jose Muro

Writer: Tyler Betancourt

Producer: Tyler Betancourt

Key Cast “Pete”: George Anagnostou

Key Cast “Judith”: Madi Artz

Key Cast “Bible Salesman”: Jake Keating

Key Cast “Digger”: Seye Ogunnaike


Sam must choose between an imaginary friendship with a plastic skeleton and real human connection.

Film Type: Short, Student

Runtime: 5 minutes 55 seconds

Director: Jeremey Kozura

Writer: Jeremy Kozura

Producer: Devin Johnson

Key Cast “Sam”: Payton Osburn

Key Cast“Emma”: Lindsay Glover

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 7.32.32 PM.png


After his friend is savagely soaked by some local water gun punks. A.j, the jungle-gym rebel, must take up his super soaker arms and drench his new enemies.

Film Type: Web / New Media

Runtime: 3 minutes 31 seconds

Director: Blake Raya

Director: A.J Hart

Writer: Blake Raya

Writer: A.J Hart

Cinematographer: Blake Raya

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 8.16.37 PM (1).png

There She Was

He loves her. He loves her not. How many petals will this young lady have to pull to turn her friend into her lover?

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 9 minutes

Director: Yesmalem Yeshaw

Writer: Yesmalem Yeshaw

Key Cast: chelsea henak

The Magic of Movies MAIN.png

The Magic of Movies

A lonely film lover starts seeing the future in a theatre screen. Will it all become true?

Film Type: Short

run time: 4 minutes 19 seconds

Director: Aleix Melloni

Writer: Aleix Melloni

Key Cast: Arón Chávez

Key Cast: Maggie Cyrus

Director of Photography: John Palinkas

Editor: Nadezhda Aries

The Trashcan Thumbnail.jpg

The Trashcan

a newly wed couple's troubles take unlikely form in that of a trash can.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 5 minutes 45 seconds

Director: Tony Holt

Writer: Damien Foley

Producer: Tony Holt

Producer: Earl Narajos

Key Cast “Lynda”: Lindsay Glover

Key Cast “Lloyd”: Ian Olson

Director of Photography: Blake Bersted

Editor: Lindsay Shrum


We Need to Talk

Jay wakes up to what appears to be a perfect day. That is, until he checks his messages...

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 10 minutes

Director: Ryan Ebert

Writer: Ryan Ebert

Producer: Ryan Ebert

Producer: Hank Stahlecker

Key Cast “Jay”: Hank Stahlecker

Key Cast “Megan”: Erin-Elizabeth Miller

unnamed (1).jpg

You Can Go Now

A short comedy about a teacher with an empty classroom and 15 minutes to prep... well, not really prep. More like turn himself into a human bowling ball and order some pizza. Inspired by the "legally allowed to leave after 15 minutes" myth commonly heard in American high schools.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 5 minutes 1 second

Director: Jaysen Wejebe

Writer: Jaysen Wejebe

Producer: Stu Berg

Producer: Jaysen Wejebe

Key Cast “Mr. Sampson (Mike)”:

Ryan Ebert

Key Cast “Vera Morrison”: Tina Akhgar



Blood on the Lilacs

After noticing signs of domestic abuse occurring across the street, a next door neighbor named Ellen decides to take action into her own hands. 

Film Type: Student

Runtime: 17 minutes 19 seconds

Director: Tanner Novotny

Writer: Tanner Novotny

Director of Photography: Pratham Mehta 

Key Cast: Ellen Gerstein  

Key Cast: Marti Maley


Chasing Dreams

A high school graduate breaks the news of her unexpected career choice to her father.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 4 minutes 4 seconds

Director: Lance B. Witmer

Writer: Lance B. Witmer

Producer: Lance B. Witmer

Key Cast “Samuel”: Joe Coffey

Key Cast “Samantha”: Kaitlyn Ellis

Still2 (1).jpg


A meditation on the individual; how our paths intersect, and the experience of solitude.

Film Type: Experimental, Short

Runtime: 9 minutes 12 seconds

Director: Alexandra Nash

Writer: Alex Nash and Faith Bishop

Producer: Tyler Betancourt

Key Cast: Alex Nash

Key Cast: Jenny Nguyen

Director of Photography: Blake Bersted

I Can't Save You - thumbnail.png

I Can't Save You

A woman attempting to escape her traumatic past is confronted by a series of memories which unfold, forcing her to confront her deepest regrets.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 14 minutes 35 seconds

Director: David Legel

Writer: David Legel

Producer: David Legel

Key Cast: Emerson Niemcheck

Key Cast: Reut Fish


Love Handles

After hearing her mother's complaints about her own body, a 10 year old girl becomes interested in the world of beauty, soon finding herself trapped by unrealistic expectations and fake ideals.

Film Type: Short, Student

Director: Bria Blount

Writer: Elise Kessler

Producer: Elise Kessler

Screen Shot 2018-10-27 at 10.35.59 AM.png

The Cavern

A young couple having trouble in their relationship take the advice of their therapist to get out of the house and go hiking. Though they hope escaping their city environment will allow them to communicate in a peaceful place and ease some of the tension between them, they soon discover bigger problems than their relationship.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 7 minutes 22 seconds

Director: Julia Brock

Writer: Julia Brock

Producer: Julia Brock

Key Cast “Fay”: Paige Martin

Key Cast “Sam ”: Wyatt Daane

Director of Photography: Nicholas Bryant

meg wide CU.jpg

Thrown By the Night

Film Type: Short

Director: Marshall Leming

Writer: Marshall Leming

Writer: Brendan J. Boyle

Writer: Shawn Khounphithack

Producer: Laura Leal

Producer: Brendan J. Boyle

Producer: Annabel Durst

Key Cast “Tina”: Meg Colburn

Key Cast “Judy”: Nadja Hoyer-Booth

Cinematography: Brendan J. Boyle


Quiet Emma and the Blind Girl

A mute teen learns of the importance of her words after befriending her blind cousin at a Christmas party.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 11 minutes 5 seconds

Director: Elise Kessler

Writer: Elise Kessler

Producer: Elise Kessler

Key Cast “Emma ”: Jennifer E. Pearson

Key Cast “Abigail”: Haley Leitman


Horror/ scifi


After Party

A girl wakes up in an empty pool at an abandoned house unable to remember the night before. As her memories come back to her she discovers a dark truth.


Blue Horizon

Laser guns. Sword fights. Floating Cities. Evil robots. Blue Horizon follows four eccentric treasure hunters hoping to score big in order to escape their dying planet.

In this episode Asonya struggles with her school and home life on The Horizon. Zypher tries to find out the location of the Mythic Treasure.

Film Type: Web / New Media

Runtime: 12 minutes 51 seconds

Director: Bryce Edward Brown

Writer: Bryce Edward Brown

Producer: Aleah Combs

Producer: Bryce Edward Brown

Producer: David Legel

Producer: Starla Kolenc

Key Cast “Icacrus”: Andy Smith

Key Cast “Asonya”: Bridgette Olsen

Key cast “Azure”: Kendall Collins

Bonds MAIN.jpg


A student's attempt at trying to establish deeper friendships discovers a dark secret...

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 4 Minutes 19 Seconds

Director: Aleix Melloni

Writer: Aleix Melloni

Producer: Aleix Melloni

Key Cast “Sophie”: Hailey Battipaglia

Key cast “Lilith”: Miranda Soppeland

Director of Photography: Ryan Wojewoda

Camera Operator: Ryan Wojewoda

Editor: Nadezhda Aries


After finally gaining the confidence to divorce her husband, Violet's life quickly cascades into a downward spiral.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 13 minutes 52 seconds

director: Aidan Phillips and Cameron Cox

Writer: Aidan Phillips and Cameron Cox

Producer: Elise Kessler

Key Cast “James Henderson”: Jack O'Connor

Key Cast “Violet Henderson”: Caroline Crawford Johnson



Cap. Lila Quintella has crash-landed in the desert planet of Meigawa, she’s been surviving for 5 months trying to make it to the Darilia Oasis, find a pilot, and get back to her home planet of Shion. running out of supplies and hope, she comes into the idea to kill herself and end her journey in the Meigawa planet. wanting to end her life, she sees a flash of light on the sky and decides to follow its course as she finds hope on going back home.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 8 minutes 29 seconds

Director: Christopher Giron

Writer: Christopher Giron

Producer: Christopher Giron

Key Cast “Cap. Lila Quintella”: Hannah Benson

Key Cast “Tanya”: Vivienne Favre

Key Cast “Russe Jagger (Voice)”: Silvia Azevedo

Innocence MAIN.png


A peaceful night at the pool turns into a nightmare when an innocent object turns out to not be what it seemed

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 3 Minutes 9 seconds

Director: Aleix Melloni

Writer: Aleix Melloni

Producer: Aleix Melloni

Key Cast: Lindsay Glover

Director of Photography: Aicha Diallo

Camera Operator: Aicha Diallo

Editor: Aicha Diallo



A couple receives a mysterious package after the loss of their child.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 10 minutes 58 seconds

Director: Nikki Rarick

Writer: Nikki Rarick

Producer: Joshua Thomas

Assistant Director: Gabbi Latade

Key Cast “Rose”: Melissa Puana Martin

Key Cast “Aaron”: Jared Bergenstal

Cinematographer: Alexis Gallegos

The Last Game MAIN.png

The Last Game

A young girl's nocturnal tennis training session becomes the last time she will ever touch a racket.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 3 Minutes 7 seconds

Director: Aleix Melloni

Writer: Aleix Melloni

Producer: Aleix Melloni

Key Cast: Luci Schmith

Key Cast: Alison Livas

Director of Photography: Aicha Diallo

Camera Operator: Aicha Diallo (NOIRE)

Editor: Aicha Diallo (NOIRE)



P Limbo.png

preference, limbo

Film Type: Experimental, Music Video, Web / New Media

Runtime: 4 minutes 38 seconds

Director: Tyler Betancourt

Key Cast: Madi Artz

Makeup & Hair: Rachel Jenkins

Original Concept: Rachel Jenkins

2018-06-18 (6).png


An estranged couple look for closure in its various forms.

Film Type: Music Video

Runtime: 3 minutes 49 seconds

Director: Jarred McClarty

Writer: Jarred McClarty

Key Cast: Abby Soskin

Key Cast: Tanner Novotany


"Little Lion Man" Music Video

A music video for the Mumford and Son's song "Little Lion Man".

Film Type: Music Video

Runtime: 4 minutes 44 seconds

Director: Elise Kessler

Writer: Elise Kessler

Producer: Elise Kessler

Key Cast: Chelsea Hanek

Key Cast: Andy Arthur Smith

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 1.33.31 PM.png


Film Type: Music Video

Runtime: 3 minutes 7 seconds

Director: Christopher Oh

Producer: Dakota Broussard

Director of Photography: Scott Buck

Key Cast: Zoe Zamor

Key Cast: Atom the Mighty

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 1.34.37 PM.png

Grimy- Win your Heart

Children's show host Grimy attempts to win the heart of his co-host.

Film Type: Music Video

Runtime: 7 minutes 40 seconds

Director: Christopher Oh

Writer: Zach Grossman

Producer: Dakota Broussard

Key Cast “Grimy”: Donnie O'Connor

Key Cast “Alexa”: Alexis Stem

Key Cast “Puddles”: Geronimo Morales

Key Cast “The Manager”: Thomas Wilson

Director of Photography: Chris Palma

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 8.43.15 PM.png

One Fourth Gone

One Fourth Gone is an original musical about a young man with OCD who uses the power of music to cope with his anxiety caused by his absent father's return.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 18 minutes 59 seconds

Director: Andy Arthur Smith

Writer: Andy Arthur Smith

Producer: Lauryn Eisenstein

Producer: Andy Arthur Smith

Key Cast “Barry ”: Andy Arthur Smith

Key Cast “Mike”: Alex Walker Smith

Key CasT “Young Barry”: Kue Lawrence

Key Cast“Jeanna”: Chelsea Henak

Key Cast “Father”: Henry Kemp



It's a visual poetry about women empowerment and what it is "being a women" in this society. It's about Incredibility of women.

Film Type: Experimental, Music Video, Short, Other

Runtime: 3 minutes 24 seconds

Director: Shatakshi Kalki

Writer: Shatakshi Kalki

Producer: Shatakshi Kalki