We are asking all students to submit their best versions of a 1970’s commercial.

You must sign up to be a part of this challenge by October 10th at 6pm in the Career Development Center or by email at careerdevelopment@columbiacollege.edu.

Start Date: October 3rd

Final Submission Date: October 15th @ Midnight

Rules of engagement:

  • You must email careerdevelopment@columbiacollege.edu to alert us that you will be submitting.

  • To even the playing field for all, NO CAGE equipment rentals.  All shooting must be done via camera phone or DSLR.

  • Commercial must not exceed 30 seconds.

  • You must fill out an Insurance Certificate form to cover you if filming off campus.  You must also confirm with Film LA to ensure that a permit is not required.

  • Final cut of your commercial must be submitted by midnight, October 15th.

  • If filming on campus, you must still follow the school rules of production, by getting your project signed off by both the Production Office (Ron & Stephen) as well as reserving your campus space through the production office.

  • Must be 70’s themed. 

  • Because this is also a learning exercise, you are allowed to use brand name products (please make sure to use products from that decade) in your commercial..though parodies are so much more fun!

  • An email went out to students on October 4th with a full list of details of the challenge, links to examples (like below), instructions on submitting and dates and times.