Two brothers, one being a police officer and the other a narco trafficker, reunite for a dinner at their mother’s house.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Alejandro Zambrano

Producer: Alejandro Zambrano

Key Cast “Marco & Miguel”: Francisco DeCun



A young boy with an abusive home life finds comfort through the medium of street art.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 4 minutes 41 seconds

Director: Tracy Weems

Writer & DoP: Gregory Guillen

Producer: DaShon Jones

Producer: Bradley LaRocco

Key Cast “Khalil”: Omari Jenkins


If Only

A girl blames the death of her secret girlfriend on the guy she is publicly dating.

Film Type: Drama/Horror

Runtime: 20 minutes

Director: Felix Niklas Malms

Writer: Courtney Berenschot

Producer: Asly Calix

DoP: Christian Ruffo

Key Cast “Ruby”: Beatrice Brown

Key Cast “Shawn”: Alexander Medlicott

Key Cast “Tara”: Gabriella Wisdom

Johnny Anarchy

After the death of a close friend and being banned from the memorial, Alex transforms himself into his bands mascot in order to attend the memorial to pay his respects.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 14 minutes

Director/Writer: James Abroms

Producer: Edward Abroms

Producer: Tyler Betancourt

Key Cast “Alex”: Emile Trudeau

Key Cast “Jerry”: Trevor Krause

Key Cast “Desmond”: Robert Factor

Key Cast “Martha”: Wynn Roberts



JOUST tells the story of a young man suffering from addiction who goes on a bender and leaves a messy trail in his wake.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 21 minutes 38 seconds

Director/Writer: Sam Quin

Producer: Laura Leal

Key Cast “Dan”: Sam Quin

Key Cast “Emily”: Dalia Rooni

Key Cast “Zeb”: Alex Knight

Key Cast “Carrie”: Sara Elizabeth Ryan

Land of odds still.jpg

Land of Odds

A group of odd characters seek love and acceptance in a world that deems them as outcasts.

Film Type: Comedy/Drama

Runtime: 11 minutes 18 seconds

Director: Scottie Meyers

Writer: Shaneika Moore

Producer: Kristy Acosta

Key Cast “Maureen”: Bethany Paulsen

Key Cast “Roger”: Tod Kent


An Ethiopian man struggles to cope with the loss of his daughter. His American wife turns his roots to help him face reality.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 17 minutes 5 second

Director: Yesmalem Yehsaw

Writer: Lauryn Eisenstein

Producer: Farzam Reza

Key Cast: Brandi Lee Rebel

Key Cast: Alemtsehay Wedajo

Key Cast: DJ Axubela

Never have i ever still.jpg

Never Have I Ever

Two teens struggling with mental illness break out of a psych ward and spend a night of rebellion in an attempt to discover if life is worth living.

Film Type: Mental Health/Romance

Runtime: 14 minutes 30 seconds

Director/Writer: Cimi Grace

Producer: Laura Leal

Key Cast “Camille”: Austin Goldsmith

Key Cast “Asher”: Emile Trudeau


In the aftermath of his daughter's kidnapping, a distressed detective is forced to realize that his violent behavior might only lead to murder.

Film Type: Crime/Thriller

Runtime: 8 minutes 53 seconds


Izram Mubarik & Zaigham Mubarik

Producer: Lynda Spargur

Producer: Ahmed El Said

Key Cast “Harvey”: Joe Dioletto

Key Cast “Jonathan”: Mark Stancato

Key Cast “Martin”: Matthew Rhodes


In 1920 Los Angeles, a group of guns for hire attempt to rob a man who killed one of their members

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 7 minutes


Alejandro Zambrano

Producer: Danny Abomoustafa

Key Cast “Maverick”: Dave Marandola

Key Cast “Badger”: Ailyn Mills

Key Cast “Ford”: Francisco DeCun

Key Cast “Ryder”: Andrew Glecker

Roses for Ms. Jacobs

A young man, seeking maternal guidance, finds himself a victim of sexual assault, later forced to confront his abuser once he learns of her sudden death.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 18 minutes 18 seconds


David Legel & Andy Aguila

Producer: David Legel

Co - Producer:

Netania Allen & Vivienne Favre

Key Cast “Barry”: James Lewis

Key Cast “Michael Jacobs”: Andrew John Morrison

Key Cast “Marie Jacobs”: Denise Pazienti

What If

A seasoned officer tries to express his vengeance by profiling white teenagers but is confronted by his younger partner who doesn't believe fire should be fought with fire yet, the younger officer finds himself caught in the flames.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 3 minutes 26 seconds

Director/Writer: C’airra Cortez

Producer: Ariel Baez

Key Cast “Bane”: Martin Davis

Key Cast “Robin”:Chris Whitehead

Key Cast “John”: Alden Williams


getting over you 2.jpg

Getting Over You

A young musician receives an update about her ex's new girlfriend, throwing her into old emotions that haven't resurfaced in the 3 years since their breakup.

Film Type: Femme/ Drama

Runtime: 14 minutes 58 seconds

Director/Writer: Lindsay Glover

Producer: Hailey Battipaglia

Producer: Hayley Ray Verbic

Key Cast “Leah”: Lindsay Glover

Key Cast “Brian”: Joshua Peterson

Key Cast “Hannah”: Hailey Battipaglia

One Way Still021.jpg

One Way

Film Type: Dark Comedy/Micro-Short

Runtime: 3 minutes 20 seconds

Director/Writer: Jon Munoz

Producer: Laura Leal

Producer: Gregory Thomas

Key Cast: Luke Edwards

Key Cast: Allie Long


After a drunken night on Wyatt's 21st Birthday, he and his friend Barry begin to hallucinate that they are super-humans. 

Film Type: Short/Parody

Runtime: 18 minutes 41 seconds

Director: Justin Lewis

Writers: Justin Lewis & Marcus Mero

Key Cast “Wyatt/Skinny-Webz”:

Wyatt Daane

Key Cast “Barry/Gublin”: Zach Louis

Key Cast “Claire”: Katie McDonald

Key Cast “Homeless Ben”: Kenneth Ryan



A Drawing

A daughter wants show her Mother how much she loves her by drawing her a picture. But overworked and tired, this single-mother doesn't realize that she has been neglectful, and she makes a choice to show her daughter that she truly is sorry.

Film Type: Short/Drama

Runtime: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Director/Writer: Nika Denise Moore

Producer: Henrique Lazary

Key Cast “Andrea”: Kenesha Reed  

Key Cast “Melody”: Mackenzie Ponder

Blooming Lion

Jen is a hardworking young girl living with her single unemployed father who has a controlling temperament and a bad gambling habit. But after failing to hide that she is a contender she is forced to confront her father in the ring and win her independence.

Film Type: Short/Drama

Runtime: 10 minutes 20 seconds

Director: Shawn Douangmala


Shawn Douangmala & Desmond Huey

Producer: Desmond Huey

Key Cast “Eli”: Desmond Huey

Key Cast “Jen”: Bria Lockhart

Key Cast “Sasha”: Katharin ‘Ladie K’ Mraz



An argument between a mother and daughter makes them both say things they regret.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 9 minutes 22 seconds

Director/Writer/Producer: Aleix Melloni

Key Cast: “Chloe”: Jennifer Flores

Key Cast “Monica”: Daniella Nyffenegger



Nina, a single mother who immigrates from Mexico to Arizona, battles between living as an illegal immigrant and rekindling her relationship with her daughter after being fired from her job at a dry cleaner.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 20 minutes

Director/Writer: Alejandra Castro

Producer: Lia Gotz

Co-Producer: Laura Leal

Key Cast “Nina”: Ava Del Cielo

Key Cast “Sofia”: Jade Vargas


Horror/ Fantasy

Empty still.png


A teenage girl who's recently undergone an abortion has to face her worst fears and emotions when they materialize in a night of nightmare.

Film Type: Horror/Drama

Runtime: 16 minutes 40 seconds

Director/Writer/Producer: Aleix Melloni

Key Cast “Eva”: Ashleigh Kepley

Key Cast: Megan Clancy

Key Cast: Óscar Rodriguez

Key Cast: Toni Johnson

DoP: Aicha Diallo


A US Air Marshal is trapped 35,000 feet in the air with an active bomb threat on board. Everything changes when he discovers the bomb inside a person...

Film Type: Action/Horror/Thriller

Runtime: 11 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Yale Apter

Producer: Chris Oh

Producer: Ian Steele

DoP: Chad Narducci

Key Cast “John Lancer”: Daniel Dasent

Key Cast “Amber”: Kohanna Kay

Key Cast “Kevin”: Jeff Callejo

Key Cast “Steward”: Cambell Dodson

Rite of Possession

A 15 year old half demon, half human boy must complete his first possession whilst navigating being an outcast in the underworld

Film Type: Comedy/ Dark Comedy/ Horror

Runtime: 9 Minutes 39 Seconds


Meaghan Hellmers

Key Cast “Alfonso”: Ernest Stifel

Key cast “Gregor”: Colin McCalla

Sympathy for the Devil Screenshot.PNG

Sympathy for the Devil

Film Type: Drama/ Fantasy

Runtime: 7 minutes

Director/Writer: A.M. Pihera

Key Cast “Lucifer”: Jayden Tayler

Key Cast “Az”: Maria Arvinte


A family reunites after their only son runs away to an imaginary dreamland.

Film Type: Fantasy

Runtime: 12 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Elise Kessler

Key Cast: Gabriel Sky


Music Videos



Rain's love for teenage movie star Ember Jacobson turns into a deadly obsession.

Film Type: Music Video/Drama/Thriller

Runtime: 5 minutes 34 seconds

Director/Writer: Julia Brock

Key Cast: Paige Martin

Key Cast: Luci Schmidt

Key Cast: Emily Cunningham



A music video for SAVEYOURSELF’s song DORIANGRAY using footage from the short “If Only”.

Film Type: Music Video/Drama/Horror

Runtime: 5 minutes 2 seconds

Director: Felix Niklas Malms

Writer: Courtney Berenschot

Producer: Asly Calix

DoP: Christian Ruffo

Editor: Michael Benson

See Everything I’ve Seen

See Everything I've seen is a 90's inspired rap video revolving around the idea of one trying to escape their sins.

Film Type: Music Video

Runtime: 4 minutes 53 seconds

Director: Adrian McGraw-Muniz

Key Cast: The Most Felt

Key Cast: Dutch Schultz

Key Cast: Victa Spot




A witch princess struggling with the choice of becoming queen or losing the love of her life. 

Film Type: Drama/Fantasy/Suspense

Runtime: 19 minutes 15 seconds

Director/Writer: Christopher Giron

Producer: Poleena Koksharova

Key Cast “Princess Trinity Mortem”: Emilie Rimmer

Key Cast “Midnight”: Katrine Fenger

Key Cast “Queen Magdalene”: Lindsay Glover

Facing 30

Film Type: Psychological/Drama

Runtime: 14 minutes 20 seconds

Director/Writer: Oleksandr Pushkar

Producer: Oleksandr Pushkar

Producer: Asly Calix

Producer: Hailey Battipaglia

Key Cast “Serg”: Michael Caprarella

Key Cast “Loui”: Marc Jordan Cohen

Key Cast “Maya”: Danielle LaRoach

gently into the dark still.jpg

Gently into the Dark

A deranged father uses a bizarre machine to convert his son
and son's lover into his image of what they should be.

Film Type: Sci-fi/Thriller

Runtime: 6 minutes 56 seconds

Director/Writer: Ethan Munoz

Writer: Almas Alardhi

Producer: Alessa Barajas

Key Cast “Brent”: Andrew Neighbors

Key Cast “Elliot”: Wayne River Sorrell

Key Cast “Neil”: Matt Bandas

You Too

Two girls have a conversation in a bathroom as they stall returning to their lives.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 5 minutes 34 seconds

Director/Writer/Producer: Raven Young

Key Cast “Lilly”: Lilly Hebdon

Key Cast “Dani”: Dani Bush




MasterChef's Ralph Degala: A Journey To Success

Film Type: Expository/Interview

Runtime: 9 minutes 4 seconds

Director/Writer/Producer: Cheryl Nathan

DoP: Miguel Paulo Arcilla

Key Cast: Ralph Degala



An immigrant who has lived in Los Angeles for years shows it to a newcomer to the city.

Film Type: Short

Runtime: 4 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Aleix Melloni Montero

DoP (noire): Aicha Diallo


The Woman Behind the Badge

A young woman first in her family to become a police officer. Speaks about the risks of her job and the importance of being a mother of three at home. A team follows her and her partner through the streets of Chicago while she gives her insight about being a woman in a prominent male job such as the Chicago Police Department.

Film Type: Action/Documentary

Runtime: 8 minutes 13 seconds

Director/Producer: Justina Diaz

Editor: Henrique Lazary

DoP: Drew Whitney and Frank Melto