The 2019 CCH Film Fest is seeking original, bold, and provocative films from storytellers who have something to say. We accept submissions of short narratives, short documentaries, music videos, experimental, and new media content. Official categories include: Comedy, Drama, Horror/Sci-Fi, Female Centric, New Media, Alumni, & Misc (Music Videos, Docs, Experimental, etc) Please note: Categories may be subject to change. 

- You must be a current student or former graduate of a Columbia College Hollywood campus.
- All films must be in English or with English subtitles.
- If requested, you must be able to provide permissions and clearances for all actors, crew, locations, logos, music, and stock footage.
- All content must be NO LONGER THAN 20 MINUTES.
- We will accept rough cuts contingent on your ability to deliver a final, presentable version of your film to by no later than Monday, September 30th. No Exceptions. Please note: Your film will be judged on the rough cut you submit.


  • If selected, you are agreeing to allow Columbia College Hollywood the use of your film, your name, and all materials submitted in conjunction with your film, in the advertisement of the CCH Film Festival. 

  • Selected projects may be promoted through all media types and outlets for promotional purposes. In addition, Columbia College Hollywood reserves the right to re-screen the accepted projects at events and promotional showcases featuring festival's highlights.

  • Requesting a specific category to submit to, does not guarantee your film will be screened in that category. Category final selections are made by the CCH Film Fest staff and chosen on the basis of multiple criteria such as run time, category run time, and content. Your final confirmation email will denote which category your film will be screened under.

  • Due to the amount of submissions, not all films/content will be selected to screen at the festival.

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Student Submission

Submission Deadline: August 25th @ Midnight PST

Final Cut Submission Deadline: September 30th @ Midnight PST

Share Your Final Cut on Google Docs with:

- We will not accept films completed prior to November 2017. 

-Your project file shared must have a minimum of a 1080p res.

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Alumni Screenings

Submission Deadline: September 30th

This category is reserved for CCH Alumni who graduated prior to 2017 - This can include films made after you graduated, or while you were attending CCH.

The above rules apply.

The Alumni category will be judged by day of by the audience and the winner will receive an audience choice award

To Submit:

Please email with your interest and include the following:

  • Year of graduation and contact information

  • Film log line and thumbnail

  • Specs